2018 Tradeshows & Seminars

Fish-Field 12540 SW Main St #120 Tigard, Or 97223 – April 19th @ 6:00pm

We will Be talking about Kokanee Fishing in the 21st century and will be covering how to use these new tricks to catch more fish.

For more information visit http://www.fishfield.com

Hope to see you there!!

Fish On Jeremy Jahn…

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Odell Lake July 2nd – 4th 2016

So I’ll be really honest with you guys I haven’t been Kokanee fishing since last October and I was alittle worried about being rusty before my first guided trip of the season.  I’ve moved my operation over the the east end of the lake and was somewhat worried about working for new owners, new location, but once I showed up on July first to get all setup up for a Saturday fishing adventure that all changed.  I’ve never felt so welcomed and right at home.  It’s also nice having a resort with a restaurant, inside fire place and TV just in case the big game is on..



Our first day of fishing was great weather great company and what I’d like to call average fishing.  I had a hard time locating fish and wanted to stay away from all the boats on the weat end of the lake  So we fished the south side of the lake right around Serenity Bay.  Fish were running between 35 and 70 feet in the water column with the best depth being 45 to 65 feet down.  They also wanted Orange and Gold Super Mysis Bugs with Gold Arrow Flash Dodgers and a faster troll 1.5mph to 1.7mph   We ended the day with 40 Kokanee and a fantasic day of fishing with great company.


The next two days it was just me, Debbie, and our four dogs, who always love going in the boat.  We started the day at 5:00am and I wanted to see if there were more fish in the west bay like Jon had told me.  As soon as I turned my motor off and looked at my Garmin fish finder I knew we where in the right spot.  We had our limits by 9:00am and we’re headed back to the docks.. We had a hard time keeping up with the four rods as they were going off almost as soon as they went down.  Orange and Gold again with a fast troll.


We were off the lake so fast Debbie had time to go on a horseback riding adventure while I took a long nap with the dogs.


The next day of fishing was almost the same except we ran Pink and Silver Mysis bugs on one side off the boat and Orange on gold on the other side and we’re done fishing at 8:00am with our limits.  With our two days of limits for the wife and myself we headed for home.



If your looking for a place to stay please check out Odell Lake Resort they have a ton of activities that the whole family can enjoy and they are a Family owned and operated resort that welcomed me with open arms and made me feel not only excited about fishing, but made me feel like it is Home.

 Odell Lake Resort has it all!! For more information call (541)433-2540 or visit


Fish On Jeremy Jahn

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Big Fish at Wickiup Reservoir

If your looking to pick up some oversized Kokanee this year in Oregon, get that boat geared up and head over to Wickiup Reservoir.  The fishing isn’t, “Red Hot” but with the opportunity to pick up fish over 20 inches it will make the lower numbers worth it. Orange and Gold are hot color’s for that lake, but don’t overlook Chartuse and Gold. I’ve got word that Chartuse has been working very well this year.  This is a shallow lake so having a GPS with a lake map is a must. Fish are on the surface but with all this warm weather don’t be surprised if you start seeing them stacking up in the channels.



Check out the Orange & Gold Mysis Bugs/Super Mysis Bugs, and the Chartruse & Gold Mysis Bugs/Super Mysis Bugs

Good Luck and we’ll see you all on the Lake
Fish On Jeremy Jahn

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Odell Lake May 30 & 31, 2015

We were super excited about coming to the lake this weekend.  We knew with all the warm weather throughout the week that the water temperature was going to start to rise and the kokanee would start to school up.  Water temperature went up 7 degrees by this weekend, which caused two things to happen, there is lots of feed and the kokanee have dropped in the water column.

 Saturday we took Tim and Victor out for a day of fishing and filming.  Tim is putting together a show about Odell Lake and Shelter Cove Resort.  He had a film crew out in a pontoon boat following us around and filming us.  Even though film crews have a tendency to slow the fishing and catching down, we ended up boating 40 really nice kokanee.  We fished almost the entire lake, but the majority of the fish were by Princess Creek.  We were using Pink Mysis Bugs with Silver blades and a proto type lure that will be released next year.  We caught fish 20 – 85 feet in the water column, but the best production was at 40 – 60 feet with a slow troll of 1.1 – 1.2 mph.



Sunday, we took Mark and Dana out on the lake.  This was a birthday present from Dana to Mark.  Mark shared an item on his bucket list, which was to catch a Mackinaw, we helped him fulfill his bucket list and I think he had a memorable birthday!   We started fishing at 6:00 AM by Princess Creek.



Fishing was off the hook.  Mark got a Mackinaw on, after fighting and landing his Mack, we decided to take a break at 9:30, with 42 kokanee already in the cooler.   The Mysis Bugs were the hot ticket and we were catching them on Pink and Orange with Gold and silver.  After a 45-minute break, we ended the day at noon with 65 kokanee and some great memories for our crew and us.


Fish are gaining weight every week because of the abundant food source in the lake.  I am expecting some really nice size fish by July.  If you are looking for a lake to fish in Oregon, Odell Lake is your ticket.


For reservation at Shelter Cove Resort & Marina on Odell Lake, call (541)433-2548

Fish On Jeremy Jahn AKA Kokaneekid

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Odell Lake May 23 – 25, 2015

We were really excited to go fishing for three days over Memorial Day weekend, after dialing in the lake the weekend of the 18th the expectation was to have three epic days of fishing.   This weekend we took our really good friend Barb Baxter, who helps us out a ton with our business.  The secret to early season fishing at Odell is finding fish and staying on them.  This weekend we marked some monster schools down by the East in.  When I say monster schools, I mean a Garmin screen full!

First day of fishing, orange was the color.  We caught them on a mix of orange lures, from R & K purple head with orange tail Hoochies, to orange and gold Super Mysis Bugs, Orange Spin N Glo’s and orange Mysis Bug with a smile blade.  On day one, we really worked for our limit but ended up in the early afternoon with 50.  A lot of the fish we caught were 40 – 60 feet and we trolled 1.2 mph.  We also used Pro-Cure Garlic Tuna scent mix and it worked as predicted.


Day two, was what I like to call “easy breezy”.   We found fish in the same location on the East end of the lake and then dialed it in to a pink with silver blade Mysis Bug and paired it with a silver Arrow Flash Dodger.  This set-up was the hot ticket and even though it was breezy, we caught our 50 easy.  We did have a few set backs….. we caught three Mackinaws which took us out of the kokanee game for over two hours.




Day three, Barb invited her friend Mark to fish with us.  It was the best day out of all three.  We had the location, we had our lure and dodger picked out and the East end of the lake is almost at that magic 50 degree mark which is causing the fish to school up deep, 50 – 85 feet.  We had our 50 before 11:00 with double, triples and quads all morning, oh my.


This week I would expect the water temperature to move up with the warm weather and I also expect another great weekend of fishing for the 30th & 31st.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and we’ll see you guys out on the Lake.

Fish On KokaneeKid

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