Let the 2013 Kokanee season begin!! Green Peter 04/19/13 & 04/21/13

As a kokanee addict the long wait of winter is almost unbearable and the anticipation of the first trip of the year is somewhat like a small child waiting for Christmas morning.  With a long weekend ahead of me I couldn’t take it any longer and I quickly started planning for my first kokanee trip of the 2013 season.  I wanted to take my wife’s parents fishing with me but the only day they could go was Friday.  No big deal until I looked at the weather forecast.  With an 80% chance of rain plus wind, which if your fishing Green Peter means 180% of a downpour and even more wind than you can predicted, I knew it was going to be a rough day of fishing.  I decided to grind it out to do some scouting for my Sunday trip, and since Jerry and Connie do so much for my family I didn’t mind making a go at it with the bad weather and all.

I started Friday just east of the Island and put a wide range of colors and actions out.  I wasn’t marking any fish on the fish finder so I knew they would all be on the top of the water column.  We ended up with 15 kokanee in the boat and most of them came in by way of my “NP” Spin N Glo.  This is a nickel with an orange tip Spin N Glo with custom hooks which I sell on my website.  I worked my gear 50 to 100 feet back behind the boat and in the top 15 feet of the water column.

I normally pick up Rainbows on all of my fishing adventures but this one is one of the biggest I’ve ever caught at Green Peter and it was a great fight on my light kokanee gear.  No worries it was released unharmed!!!

With a half day of kokanee fishing under my belt, three feet of water in the boat, and 15 kokanee in the cooler it sounded like a full day of fishing to the whole crew.

Sunday I had arranged to take Greg Loe out with me and after scouting the lake on Friday a wanted to hang out down by Tally Creek and do some more investigating east of that area.  Sunday came and I knew it was going to be a zoo at Green Peter, because a lack of Springer action on the Willamette river, so we launched the boat around 6:30 at Thistle Creek.  As I’ve said on all my posts, “Oh how things can change” not only was the weather better but so was the fishing, but the color had changed and the gear.

I caught a ton of fish on Pink & Purple Micro Hoochies from R & K Spinners, Pink Tiger Spin N Glo’s, Pink wedding rings with a Silver Tiger smile blade,

as well as a new lure that I’m testing out this year that was also PINK we are going to call Dakokanee Killer look for it 2014…  The top corn mix was Pro-Cure Water Soluble Fish Oil Garlic Plus, Kokanee Killer Korn Magic, Slam-Ola Garlic Powder, and 6 drops of Bad Azz UV Liquid Bait Dye in Magenta/Hot Pink.  I think the pink Garlic corn really made a difference.

We fished our rods 50 and 60 feet back and in the top 12 feet of the water column and the further east I went the warmer the water temperature got and the better the fishing got.  We ended the day with 40 kokanee in the boat, a ton of fun, and a great meal to end the evening.

You can always call me if you want more information about my adventures (503)302-5093 I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction.  Also if you are looking for a guided trip to Green Peter one of my good friends, Damon Struble, from Nomad’s Fishing Adventures is now booking kokanee trips.  You can reach him at (541)619-5671 www.nomadsfishingadventures.com Make sure you tell him that the kokaneekid sent you his way.  There isn’t a faster way to learn how to fish for kokanee than to get on the boat with someone who knows what they are doing.

I hope everyone has a safe and successful 2013 kokanee season and with opening day for most lakes just around the corner I hope everyone get’s a chance to join in on some fun chasing this wonderful fish we all call Kokanee.

Fish On Jeremy Jahn

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