Odell Lake 05-16-15 – 05-18-15

Early Season at Odell Lake

May 2015

 Now I remember why I told myself not to fish at 4700 feet until July….. It’s cold, windy and unpredictable.  The fish were scattered all over the water column.  We caught fish anywhere from 10 feet to 120 feet deep.  We struggled the first two days, but ended up finding some active schools of kokanee on the middle of the lake between Princess Creek and Roosevelt Point, also known as the entrance to Serenity Bay.  Normally this time of year everyone is jigging, however, because of the warmer winter and no snow, you are going to have to dust off your trolling gear in order to catch the kokanee.


The fish are running 10 – 13 inches and we are already catching next years fish, which are running 6 – 8 inches.  We normally don’t pick up next years fish until August or September.  This leads me to believe that Odell Lake is going to have another epic fishery in 2016.  The fish were hitting everything from Pink and Orange Super Mysis Bugs to Pink, Orange and Chartreuse Spin N Glo’s.  The color changed frequently and the secret was finding the fish and staying on them.


We used Arrow Flash Dodger and the color did not matter.  We also used the Mack’s Lure DD Dodger to catch the kokanee on the surface, this worked very well.  One of the drawbacks to fishing early season, besides the weather, is the Mackinaw are really active and have a tendency to attack your kokanee gear.   We ended up landing one small Mackinaw on a Super Mysis Bug and lost a whole set up to a large Mackinaw.


Even with the wind, rain, thunder and lightening, we ended up catching 105 kokanee.  Even though I am a more fair weather kokanee fishing guy, it was still worth the time and effort to put fish in the boat.




All three groups we took out on guided trips had a great time and learned a few tricks.  Plus, they took some kokanee home to put in the freezer or smoker.  I will keep you updated as the fish drop into a thermal cline.  I am still expecting an epic fishery at Odell Lake this year, with fish reaching 16 inches by August.

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American Lake – May 17th & 18th

When you think about kokanee fishing, you think about getting out of the city limits driving for a couple hours and hitting the great outdoors.  When you look at American Lake, which is just south of Tacoma Washington, it is what I would call the greatest urban fisheries around for kokanee.  The main reason for traveling such a distance to fish for kokanee was because of a TV show that I was lucky enough to be involved in with Cody Herman and Day One Outdoors.  At first, the TV show was supposed to be Cody and myself fishing against each other on a local Lake, where we would show why I caught more kokanee than Cody.  I was very confused about this concept and ask Cody, “Why would you want to do a TV show where the local Kokanee expert has a total advantage on the person he is fishing against?”  If you don’t know Cody he is one of the most humble, down to earth individuals around who simply told me, “You learn from what goes right and wrong and I want the public to learn how to have a great adventure with the successes and failures of each episode of my show.”  With this concept in mind I told Cody if you ever want to show a failure in the Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, or Sturgeon fisheries I’m your guy. 

Bill Herzog and Duane Inglin from Northwest Wild Country radio show on Saturday mornings from 6 AM – 8 AM on Comcast Sportsnet NW, IHEARTRADIO, and Sports Radio KJR, were at the Portland Sportsman show.  Bill and Duane got wind of this show and talked Cody into having me travel to Washington and fish Lake Chelan against them.  Now I’m the outsider fishing against the home group, I wasn’t too worried about fishing this lake because I knew a few people who fish it all the time.  I figured I could pull a few favors and get some inside information about the lake.  One of my biggest resources I had for this fishery was Bob Loomis from Mack’s Lures who has fished this lake since he was a kid, so with this ace of spades in my back pocket I was more than happy to take on the challenge.

  After months of smack talk from Bill Herzog and Duane Inglin on the radio and months of me looking over lake maps, talking to fishing guides and hours of research, they changed the location to American Lake.  American Lake is a completely different fishery with tons of zooplankton and a very shallow lake right in the heart of Urban Washington I had to make a few quick phone calls and completely change my game plan.  Chelan is a sterol Lake with the only food source for kokanee being Mysis Shrimp, the water clarity is 60 feet, so even though the water is cold the kokanee are very deep, you need a long setback for your downriggers.   American Lake is a Shallow Lake with tons of food sources for kokanee and about 12 feet of water clarity, this kind of lake is really what I’m used to fishing here in Oregon so I wasn’t too worried about not being able to produce fish for the show. 

My wife, Debbie and I drove up to Gig Harbor, Washington which was the home base for Cody Herman and his Television show.  After getting settled in we went over the plan for the weekend with Cody which included meeting Bill and Duane at Sportsco in Tacoma at the crack of dawn so we could do the live radio show in Seattle.  The Saturday morning Radio show was a blast and I was so impressed with the North West Wild Country crew, they were upbeat and made the experience something I will remember for a long time. 


After the radio show the plan was to fish American Lake with Cody and my wife to get some footage and film some tech tips.  Sunday, was the big event with my wife and I fishing against Duane and Bill.  Side note Bill Herzog has fished that lake for over 40 years so I knew he would have a ton of secret spots and could probably fish the lake in his sleep. 

Saturday afternoon, we hit the lake.  When we got to the boat launch, I looked out on the lake and I was wondering where to go, what to use, how to use it, what depth, what speed, what color, what scent, what lure action, what dodger, and about fifty other things.  As soon as we had the boat on the water and I turned on my New Garmin GPSMAP 1040XS (thank you Garmin!), which had the lake mapped out, I started to feel right at home.  I wanted to attack this lake like I would a kokanee Derby, so I headed for the north side of the Island which is the deepest part of the lake, got my gear in the water and started kokanee fishing.  We had a great evening of fishing which included us losing a ton of fish because we were trying to film them jumping out of the water and keeping them on the line way longer than I would normally.  I will tell you there is a natural bottle neck in the lake on the North East end, which when I saw it on my Garmin Unit we got a triple.  We ended the day with 9 in the boat and around 16 back into the lake, but I was super impressed with the size of these kokanee.  16 X 4 ½ X 2 ½ = a super big kokanee and I started to realize why Bill and Duane wanted to change locations for the show.

photo 4

 Sunday morning came super fast, we started fishing at about 6 AM and both boats limited out by 11 AM.  Cody had shot all the footage including underwater with the Go Pro and aerial shots with his drone, this will be a super exciting and educational show.  What I learned about the lake is even though I never got a “HOT” bite is seemed Pink was the hot color with an Arrow Flash dodger… a must.  We used  Pro-Cure Kokanee Killer Korn Magic, Garlic Slam-ola, water soluble Garlic Fish Oil Plus and a dash of water soluble Bloody Tuna in the mix of corn catching most of the fish for me and my crew.

 photo 1

Bill had a couple of secret spots to fish down by the VA hospital, of course he didn’t share those until we were done and off the lake.   My boat spent most of the time fishing the edges and keeping my boat in about 90’ of water.  We spent the morning fishing in about 30’ of water as the sun came up we dropped our gear to about 50’ and started catching more fish that had some good size to them.  We used a 25’ set back both days.  Even though pink was the hot lure color, they did not want pink corn.  I always bring colored corn based on the lake tendency, but they did not want it this time.  All the fish we caught were 15” – 16” and over 2 LBS. 

photo 4

photo 2

The show is scheduled to air on June 13th 2014 on Comcast Sportsnet for more information please visit www.dayoneoutdoors.com

Also make sure you tune into NorthWest Wild country on Saturday Mornings 6 AM – 8 AM or check out the replay on the NW Wild Country OnDemand Podcast.

Also thanks for all the support that I’ve received from Cody Herman,  my fans, friends, sponsors, and my wife Debbie without all of you, none of this would be possible lot’s of new stuff coming from KokaneeKidFishing.com this year so make sure you check back soon, and often.

photo 5


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Odell Lake 08/31/13 – 09/02/13 Late Season Action!!!

Looking for some late season kokanee action?  Then look no further than Odell Lake.   Odell Lake is located on hwy 58 in central Oregon and because of its extremely high elevation and extremely cold water tempature the kokanee take a long time to progress into the spawn.  Plus this year the fish are really nice sized and next year’s fish are really nice sized which means if you are looking for some kokanee fishing in October Odell lake will be a good place to fish.  My wife and daughter had great time fishing over the Labor day weekend with some absolutely fantastic fishing. 

Brittany White working a kokanee into the boat!!!

I wanted to take it easy this weekend so we all slept in and didn’t start fishing until around 8:00am and didn’t stay on the lake very long and still ended up bringing home 130 kokanee in three days of fishing.  Orange was the hot color with my Mysis Bug, and Orange Twisted Hoochie really taking most of our fish. 

Day One haul!!!  Showing off my Lamiglas Rod with Abu Garcia Revo STX – 50/50 Arrow Flash Dodger with a Orange Twisted Hoochie..

These are new lures for the KokaneeKid website that I will be selling for the 2014 kokanee season, and they have both been extremely effective at most of the lakes I have fished this year.  Ok here you go most of the fish are running 50 to 70 in the water column and they wanted a faster troll 1.3mph – 1.6mph with a short setback on the downriggers 20 feet on my bottom rods and 15 feet on my top rods.  Also when I saw I was going through a big mess of fish a quick 30 degree turn seemed to produce a lot of action on my rods.  I used Gold & 50/50 Arrow Flash dodgers on this trip, the 24k Gold Arrow Flash dodger will be for sale during the 2014 kokanee season I’ve been testing them out all season and they are working GREAT!!!..  

  Brittany and my Wife Debbie with another 50 kokanee on Day 2

I spent most of my time on the east end of the lake and I was trolling North to South instead of West to East like most of the boats on the lake.  This will put more reflection on your gear from the sun and the fish aren’t used to seeing gear running that direction in the lake.  “TRY IT OUT!!!!” 

Our goal was 25 kokanee on our last day, but by the time we did a fish count we had 27 in the cooler so we caught 30 in 2 hours of fishing… Orange Mysis Bug was killing them I had all four rods running them and couldn’t keep them in the water… Crazy Day of fishing..

This is what 260 boneless kokanee fillets looks like – What a haul!!! If your in the market for a new Vacuum Sealer check out http://www.qualitymatters.com/Vacuum-Sealers-s/54.htm I got a Vacmaster VP 215 and I love it.  I spend a ton of time taking care of my catch and want it to last so I picked up a Professional Sealer and it was worth every penny!!! Tell them that the KokaneeKid sent you…

Also If you are looking for a place to camp while fishing Odell Lake check out Shelter Cove Resort & Marina…  http://www.sheltercoveresort.com/  Make sure you tell them that the KokaneeKid sent you…

 If you have any question about this trip feel free to call me (503)302-5093

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Green Peter 07/12/13 – 07/13/13

So the wife and I headed to Sunny Side Campground, in Sweet Home, for a weekend of fishing at Green Peter with some friendly competition at the Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby on Saturday.  We had the camper packed the dogs loaded and were looking forward to bringing home a ton kokanee.  We got camp setup on Thursday and planned our fishing day for Friday to take Robbie from R & K Spinners out fishing with us, we both wanted to test out a few new items and scout out the lake to figure out where the BIG kokanee were hanging out. 

Robbie watching the rod…..

All the fish at Green Peter are running small this year, 8 to 12 inches, so I knew it would be a close derby.  Having a full day to check out the lake was worth its weight in gold.  We fished a ton of locations and the normal spot’s that hold the bigger kokanee came up empty and I was surprised to see the bigger kokanee still hanging out around Tally Creek.

Test Lure that I’m calling a Twisted Hoochie… This is a big one, keep it under your hat. It will be out for the 2014 season…

Normally the kokanee would have migrated toward the dam, but for some reason they are content to hang way east of the island.  It might be because of the lack of boat traffic down there or the amount of food but there is a TON of fish in that area of the lake.  “LET’S KEEP THAT A SECRET!!!!” The three of us ended the day with 51 kokanee and I knew exactly where I was going to fish for the derby. 

My dog’s taking a nap.

Robbie showing off a new dodger and a R & K Hoochie…

Did I tell you that Spin N Glo’s catch kokanee!!!!

The fish were running 50 to 70 in the water column and chartreuse was a killer color on Friday with my Mysis bugs with the new Mack’s Lure Chartreuse Silver Tiger smile blade absolutely killed them.  This Lure will be available for the 2014 kokanee season so keep an eye out for it. 

The wife and I with a boat load of kokanee!!!!

I talked my good friend Greg Loe into fishing the derby with us and we got an early start so we headed as Far East as I wanted to fish and started to fish toward the west. 

Greg Loe working a fish to the boat…  This is the spot where we had five fish on at one time not sure what you call that… “A Cinco”

I told shawn child he couldn’t enter the adult competition!!! He’s been killing it on the lake WATCH OUT guys he’s going to be way better than the kokaneekid this KID has kokanee DNA… Get him on a PRO STAFF NOW while you still can!!!!!

I not sure if people thought about this but having the rods in the east sky sure helps with the low light.  Because it was dark we started the day off with glow wing arrow flash dodgers with glow hoochies, glow Spin N Glo’s, and glow Apexes.  Then as soon as the sun hit the water we switched up to see if the chartreuse was still a winner, but if you know anything about kokanee fishing it’s really rare to have a two day winner.  Things had switch over to orange with Spin N Glo’s, Fire Wedding rings, and Orange Mysis bugs taking most of our fish teamed up with 24k gold Arrow flash dodgers, and 24K gold Vance Tackle dodgers.  We had a ton of fun at the derby and ended up in 8th place with 70$ in our pocket and 99 kokanee in the cooler.

GOLD was the ticket!!!!!

 We didn’t fish Sunday and we came home early so I could fillet all those kokanee.  If you haven’t fished a derby yet it’s a ton of fun there with a ton of people who are just as crazy about kokanee fishing as you are.  The Odell Lake Derby is coming up soon it will be held August 17th at Shelter Cover Resort and Marina for more information visit http://kokaneepoweroregon.com

Boneless, Skinless Fillets… Now that’s a ton of fish… NOTE: It took me six hours to fillet all those fish on Sunday…

P.S. My Pro-Cure Garlic Mix is still working BIG TIME!!!!! Thanks you Pro-Cure for making the best scent on the market…  http://pro-cure.com/ I sell these products on my website so check them out..

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Green Peter Reservoir 06/22/13

So the weather is heating up here in Oregon and at our lower elevation lakes the water temp is going up while our kokanee are going down. Green Peter’s surface temp was running 67.9 on Saturday and as a result the kokanee are moving to the lakes thermocline layer which means my downriggers got a good work out. The kokanee are running from 50 to 80 down in the water column, but if you don’t have downriggers no fear I pulled out the longline gear out and 3oz of weight a Cousin Carl and orange bell ringer was in the target zone and still killing them. I prefer using my downrigger because I can use my light weight Lamiglas CG70DR rods http://www.lamiglas.com/ teamed up with a Abu Garcia super light weight Revo HS STX reels which only weighs 6.35oz http://www.abugarcia.com/. Even with the small size of fish at Green Peter it’s still tons of fun with the light weight gear I’m using. Ok here is the kokanee report Debbie and I took good friend Greg Loe, and his son Cody fishing with us on this advernture.

Cody Loe is a professional rodeo roper and as you can see he can even rope a kokanee

Cleaning up after getting a double on the boat…

The fish are running small again this year, but they are getting fat because the lake is full of food. Fish are running deeper and I would target them from 40 to 70 feet in the water column. Some of the fish are starting to move down toward the dam but they are smaller down there and I found some bigger ones east of the island on the left hand side of the lake in a spot my dad showed me where the shore drop straight off to around 130 feet. Some bigger fish and lot’s of them plus the best part, “NO BOATS!!!”

As we looked west on the lake it looked like a zoo up around the island and I kept teasing my crew asking them if they wanted to move locations. Made lots of changes in tackle and caught them on a wide mix of gear, but my Orange Bell ringers with the gold hammered blades caught most of them teamed up with a Poulsen Cascade dodger. Best speed I found was 1.3mph and a 25 foot setback, and My Garlic Corn mix was “HOT”. If you haven’t used Pro-Cure yet here is my mix, and if you’re looking to buy some Pro-Cure I sell a wide mix of scents, cures, and dyes on my website.

Cody gearing up the Lamiglas!!!

Drain all the water out of your Green Giant white shoepeg corn then use a spoon to fill up a small Rubbermaid container half full. Reason for the spoon is so you don’t get any leftover corn water in your container. Sprinkle on Pro-Cure “Kokanee Killer Korn Magic” like you’re seasoning a steak but you have really bad taste buds. Then sprinkle on some Pro-Cure “Garlic Slam-ola” like you’re seasoning a steak but you’ve got really bad taste buds. Add a couple large tablespoons of Pro-Cure water soluble “Fish Oil Garlic Plus”. Fill the container up the rest of the way with corn and repeat this process, gentle shake the container and put it in the refrigerator the night before your fishing trip. Make sure you keep your corn cold, and out of the sun while on the boat. I keep my corn in a small cooler with a frozen gel pack to keep it cold fresh and presentable to the fish I’m targeting. this was my top scent last year, and it’s still working extremely well for me in 2013.

Picture of the crew with the days haul

Now the real work begins

Lots of kokanee at Green Peter this year it’s just they are running on the small side. I’m hoping to make it up to Paulina, and East Lake this year to get you guys a fishing report from the Newberry Crater. Have fun kokanee fishing this year and we’ll see you on the Lake!
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